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  1. Kathryn Hamilton Warren on "Cause Celeb" | E3W Review of Books
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  3. Cause Celeb: How Star Power Impacts Public Health
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Kathryn Hamilton Warren on "Cause Celeb" | E3W Review of Books

She may typify the brokenhearted loser early in the book, but she is never pitiful in that role. Fielding also grapples adroitly with complex topics.

The crisis described closely mirrors what happened in Ethiopia in Refreshingly, Fielding drives home her point without moralizing, and without making it a chore to read. All this, and the book entertains immensely, too. They do share one tender interlude, a very subtle but evocative desert scene with only moonlight and each other for company.


But they could use an epilogue to close the circle of their relationship. Because of this quibble, I eventually settled on rating the book as less than a DIK.

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But despite that, Cause Celeb is a personal keeper. Reading about how Rosie fought for her cause has been both entertaining and enlightening for me, as it will probably be for Fielding fans who might secretly find Bridget Jones just a tad too pathetic.

History: the new cause celeb

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Buy Cause Celeb by Helen Fielding:. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. In a popular YouTube video, the beaming little ballerina dances an entire four-minute routine seemingly perfectly, matching the steps of the professional Australian ballet dancer whose image is seen in the video's lower corner.

Cause Celeb: How Star Power Impacts Public Health

But I actually really love going on and reading about just regular people talking about personal experiences — you know, a family member who has cystic fibrosis or something that has affected them in some kind of personal way. And it feels incredibly good to go on and give money. A: Oh yeah, I do all the time because I am also interested in checking the ticker. I go on every day. A: Well, I think if you take me out of the equation, the idea of sixdegrees is a beautiful and a powerful one. We know that what happens to one of us affects somebody down the block and also on the other side of the world.

So often you know you pick up a newspaper and you feel a certain frustration about, you know, what can I do? How can I help? I think the average family gives something like 3.

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It is hard to let go of a buck. For more information on Six Degreees, visit the organization's Web site. Show discussion.

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Celebrities on NBCNews. Kevin Bacon is using the "six degrees of separation" concept to inspire more people to contribute to charitable causes. Q: What inspired you to create this organization? Q: What do you feel is special about this charity-benefiting Web site? Discuss: Discussion comments.

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