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The worldwide and historically deep scope of digital content can help you explore your deep cultural roots in another place. The History and Geography Section offers great visuals and includes small but growing sections on biography and genealogy. Results may include:. Sign up for weekly notifications that highlight interesting and newly-added content on topics that were widely covered in the U.

The U. Look for photostreams from your other favorite libraries and historical societies. Do you know someone who would enjoy this article? The Genealogy Gems Podcast helps you make the most of your family history research time by providing quick and easy-to-use research techniques. Producer and host Lisa Louise Cooke brings you the best websites, best practices, and best resources available. Just click an episode below to start listening right now. New to the free Genealogy Gems Podcast? Frequently Asked Questions.

Ventura County Genealogical Society - EVENTS

Episode In this episode we take a look at a subject that is difficult, and yet ultimately faced by all genealogists: Downsizing. Episode Professional genealogist Cari Taplin joins me for a conversation about the power lists and why careful examination is so important. Episode Exploring what you can do to go deeper in your genealogy research for a more accurate family tree with Elissa Scalise Powell. Irish genealogy radio host Lorna Moloney, a professional genealogist with Merriman Research, discusses Irish genealogy. Episode The story of Roy Thran and how his short life story is impacting lives today.

Author Karen Dustman discusses writing your memoir. Lisa shares her adventures in England. Lisa provides next steps on German research in response to a listener question. The unusual history of one of the earliest forms of the World Wide Web. Episode More new feature enhancements announced by Ancestry. Episode Get ready for a fun and inspiring start to your new genealogy year.

Episode In this episode, we recap , and explore additional ideas to help you organize your home movies. The stories alone are worth the listen—but for Lisa, the real intrigue and inspiration comes from how Julianne shed light on confusing and contradictory records by finding news accounts that helped explain them. Episode Lisa Louise Cooke answers your questions and shares your comments.

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Get ready for a deep dive into the questions we face, the reality of the current DNA environment, and what it all means for you. Episode Irish expert Donna Moughty joins Lisa to talk about Irish genealogy, helping you get a jump on yours before everyone starts talking about their Irish roots on St. Also: Listeners write in with inspiring successes and Michael Strauss musters in with tips on finding your ancestors in the five branches of the U.

Hear the latest RootsTech news and an excerpt from an interview with author Sylvia Brown. Military Minutes contributor Michael Strauss explains the difference between different kinds of military service: regulars, volunteers and militia in Military Minutes. Episode Lisa talks with Sunny Morton about turning your fleeting memories into meaningful stories. Diahan Southard takes a look back at DNA advances in Finding missing ancestors: tips and success stories from Genealogy Gems fans. He joins us to talk about the millions of records being digitized around the world right now. Mary shares stories and tips about tracing Italian and Italian-American roots.

And the premiere of Military Minutes with Michael Strauss. Hear letters from listeners on a special adoption discovery and a census mystery that now makes more sense. The vehicle forensics and family book segments originally appeared in Genealogy Gems Podcast episodes 18 and 13, respectively, and are being republished here for web audiences. Episode This double-header episode pairs two interviews and two huge pieces of industry news! Hear about the end of FamilySearch microfilm lending and how you can get the records you need.

Get the scoop on the game-changing addition to RootsMagic: your Ancestry. Melissa Barker shares tips on preserving heirlooms and visiting archives. Nicole Dyer shares a fun family history activity idea to do with kids—do you have a family gathering coming up that could use this inspiration? Episode Dave Obee returns with a poignant story about the Canadian Home Children and tips for newspaper research. Episode Renowned Canadian expert Dave Obee shares his favorite tips on researching the Canadian census—his insights are fascinating whether you have Canadian ancestors or not!

Episode Breaking news in this episode!

Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks: Nine Old-School Genealogy Research Strategies

This breakthrough helps us use DNA to follow family migration patterns. Naming traditions tip from a listener can help you puzzle out ancestral pedigrees. And watch for a few great Google search strategies for genealogy. Episode Our th episode and 10th anniversary episode! Episode Lisa Louise Cooke welcomes Genealogy Gems Book Club author and Victorian lifestyle expert Sarah Chrisman to the show to talk about Victorian holiday traditions, some of which may still live on in your own life.

Also: Three success stories from Genealogy Gems listeners: a Google search with great results, a brick-wall busting marriage record and yet another YouTube find for family history people keep telling us about those! A spotlight on new marriage records online for the U. Lisa Alzo gives us the back story on Czech records that have recently come online; and a YouTube search success story. They are now interwoven with fresh narration and updated show notes. Episode Genealogy milestones, anniversaries, new records, upcoming conferences and new free video tutorials; Email response to episode another tip on the U.

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Episode L isa shares a favorite new super easy-to-use tool for turning family photographs into captivating professional-looking videos and slideshows that you can share. A Gem shares a tip about a favorite genealogy database. Episode Celebrate upcoming holiday family time with a special segment on interviewing relatives.

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Diahan Southard offers her thanks for DNA connections that are helping fill holes left by adoption. Episode Genealogy Gems is celebrating reaching a milestone: genealogy-filled blog posts on our website! I also have a short, fun family history writing challenge to share with everyone, not just those who blog, a writing contest, and the poet laureate of Kentucky. Episode Listeners thoughts on saving your genealogy from theft and a tip on digital preservation. I share An Open Letter to Grandma, and Sunny will join me to announce our next Genealogy Gems Book Club pick—and we may or may not digress a little to talk about other fun things on our minds.

Episode A digital expert joins us to talk about digitizing and storing your old movies, videos, and pictures. Episode In the summer of , a handpicked group of young GIs landed in France to conduct a secret mission. These men had one goal: to fool the enemy into believing they were an American army thousands strong, and draw their attention away from the actual fighting troops. And of course all kinds of other genealogy news and tips for you. Episode Niche record collections that might just be what you are looking for.

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Announcement of the Genealogy Gems Book Club book for the 2nd quarter of A listener shares an update on adoption records in Ohio. Christina will share how the book came in to being. And why she first hesitated to write it. And Christina sheds light on the effect that being an orphan had on the children of yesterday and the children of today. Then, professional genealogist Mary Tedesco from the Genealogy Roadshow television series will join Lisa to talk about her experience on the show and also about her specialty which is Italian research.

And we wrap with a very special announcement at the end of the show. Episodes are being remastered and are being rebroadcast in current episodes as follows:. New to podcasts? Welcome to the Family History: Genealogy Made Easy Podcast , a step-by-step series for beginning genealogists—and more experienced ones who want to brush up or learn something new. I first ran this series in Subscribe for free in iTunes.

Episode 1: Getting Started. But it was a start. Hear about some of my favorite databases—both free resources and products you can pay for. Episode 2: Interviewing Skills. Special Guest: Cath Madden Trindle , a well-known family history instructor and certified genealogist. She also gives us some great tips on how to share what we find.

Hear about you who you should interview, what to ask and how to ask it! Special Guest: Miriam Robbins , a well-known genealogy blogger and teacher. She shares her best research tips, what motivates her to delve into her family history and how that discovery has enriched her life. Social Security Death Index.