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The truth of the matter is that all signs point to a soon-coming return — probably within the decade.

Those who are not watching will probably not hear the trumpet or notice a thing. Many people have no true believers in their lives anymore. America is finished. We have declared Him to be off-limits. We have given the boot to the very One who made us great and showered us with blessings. We are in the process of becoming a thoroughly secular and pagan nation. And in the process, we are courting the wrath of God. We have become a nation that calls good evil and evil good Isaiah And we are paying the price:.

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It goes on from here. Some consider this stuff too negative to read.

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Others, like me, get excited recognizing how close we are to joining Jesus in marriage. Many of us have been seeing this for years.

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If not, you need to rip off the blinders. Very sobering and very true, David! Similar is happening here as well. We always follow what first happens in America. They say that when America catches a cold, Australia sneezes! I listened to the 30 video.

A Prophetic Manifesto David Reagan

Thank you for posting this. At our annual Bible conference the last weekend in June, we distributed the first copies of A Prophetic Manifesto. A manifesto is a brief statement of principles, and that is a good description of our manifesto. It is only 40 pages long, and it contains a declaration of biblical principles concerning two issues: the fate of our nation and the return of Jesus. The cover is stark in nature, printed in black and white, containing only the title and the name of the author.

It is intended to set the tone for the hard-hitting message that the booklet contains. The booklet is aimed primarily at pastors, calling them to a recognition of the terrible moral and spiritual condition of our nation. My purpose was not to present a prophecy given to me by God. I have no such prophecy.

Rather, my purpose was to share some sobering truths that are based on prophecies which God gave to biblical prophets thousands of years ago. They are also based on principles the Bible reveals about how God deals with nations. The Manifesto is a shout of warning to America and its pastors. Please consider giving a copy to your church pastor. Copies are available through our online resource center. He is a life-long Bible student, teacher, and preacher whose sermons have been distributed worldwide and has led 45 pilgrimages to Israel.

Reformation Manifesto | Generals International

Reagan is the host of the television program Christ in Prophecy. And part of me still clings to that reaction. That's probably because I don't want it to be true. But, tragically, another part of me knows the America I grew up in is on the verge of being no more. The secularits, the pornographers, the violent, the marxists, the socialists, the queers, the politically correct, the abortionists, the dopers, the profane, the leftist media…all of these and more, though I truly believe are still very much the MINORITY, they are much more vocal, organized, supported and powerful than the decent moral MAJORITY.

I am forced to acknowledge the truth in Dr.

Reagan’s Prophetic Manifesto, Part 1

Reagan's words. And as much as I wish it could still be turned around, I have a gut wrenching feeling it is indeed too late. As I type that, I realize we, the majority, share in the blame.

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What the hell have we done to stop it???!!! Perhaps I'm being too hard on us. COULD we have done anything to stop it or is it inevitable that evil will rise in the end days. A world in which we don't belong. Our time is nearly over. Yes, the Chruch Age is coming to a close.

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While sad for the rest of the world, it is a blessing to us. They shall rejoice at our passing. I don't have a Facebook account. Tried it and hated it. Three reasons. I don't want to be in contact with people that I haven't had contact with for 30 years. I would get ticked off at having to be bombarded with people's comments about what they ate for breakfast or their hokey political opinions. If I sound like an old man, well, I'm getting up there. Anyway, great to hear from you and I pray that you and yours are doing well.

I like you Charlie Brown avatar. I was voted best actor in for that role by the theatre's season ticket holders. The cross currently displayed on thsi page that is "filled in" with and American flag is quite ironic considering the content of this article. I'm not sure the Bible agrees with your argument Dr Reagan. I'm from New Zealand and you can turn around and say what about this country or Australia, or a host of other historic "majority Christian" country and given the same vocal secularization, divorce, social evils, gay marriage etc, why has no one come round and asked why God must pay the USA specuial attention and not the UK, etc?

After all, we are from a country that its people still call it "Godzone" informally and our national anthem title is "God defend New Zealand"!

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  7. If you want to put forth the argument the USA was founded explicitly as a "Christian nation" this country has even more reason to do so. There has never been a country that can say has a special relationship with God with the exception of Israel. The US founding fathers are a mostly godly bunch of great men, no dounbt about it, but the fact they had promised to God of founding a nation as a Christian one has no bearings on God because God has not asked them to do so in this dispensation! A blog post from a pastor from this part of the world which reflects closely what my church teaches expands on what I said.

    Note that I don't agree with his replacement theology view about Israel, but other points still mostly stand:. In sum, Romans 13 tells us that regardless of the human processes that lead to their appointment, all earthly governments are instituted by God himself. And WHY does he give them power? To administer justice, and to bring order to society as they work for the good of their citizens. Governments receive their authority from God himself. In some sense they reflect his universal authority — and we could almost say that they mediate his authority to the world, almost as though God chooses to govern societies as a whole through his appointed governments.

    This is true of all kinds of institutions in our society — including families, businesses and schools. All these things can be a blessing to people and to society as a whole, even if they are not Christian. With this God-given authority, governments have the right to make and enforce laws Romans For example, the government has the right to decide that there is a bus lane on Shirley Road between the hours of pm. Those who resist will incur judgement. Nathan, I'm still not convinced by the video.

    I have already had what you linked to in mind when I made the first comment. You need two parties to make a contract, if you try to make a pact with a person who plainly said there will be no requirements to have a pact, it simply is not recognised. Don't get me wrong, I believe all these things are symptoms of a fallen society, but the way the Bible said it, the world is already condemned of its sin from Romans 1.